March 14, 2012

The triumphant return!

It has been MONTHS since I even checked my blog, mostly because I didn't really have much to say. But, a lot has happened, so here's a (very) quick update.

My amazing boyfriend/best friend/companion/comrade Ryan and I are living with our friends Liz and Dianna now. We have a tiny lavender room with an adorable window, and there are two awesome cats running around. I get to cook all sorts of delicious food, which is cool. We're both job-searching, and the job market here seems way more promising than it was in our last town. Positive energy, prayers and good thoughts are appreciated while we hunt gainful employment!

I've become (unhealthily) fascinated with Pinterest. Find me on Pinterest here. It's full of all sorts of nifty things, like craft tutorials and ideas for green cleaning. I think that's the direction I'd like to pursue with this blog...updates on my life, but with tutorials, trial-and-error pictures of food I've made and experiments I've tried, and general kitsch. I tried making my own laundry soap already, so that will probably be my first post. It looks congealed and terrifying, but it gets my clothes amazingly clean, and smells divine!

 I told you it would be very quick! Adios para ahora, la Red.

September 30, 2011

Oh hi, October.

I can't tell you how many people have approached me and said "Why haven't you blogged lately?"

Well, maybe I'll tell you. No one said that, except my inner Zach Braff.

I have internal monologues ALL THE TIME.
 There are, in my opinion, legitimate reasons for my absense on crownedwithflowers. One, I've let myself get really behind on classwork, so I've had to really buckle down to get caught up. Two, I have a job. Three, I've been spending a huge amount of time with friends. When I'm not doing something I absolutely must do, and sometimes even when I am, I'm with the coolest cats at Catawba. But, I feel bad for neglecting the internet, so I'll take a few minutes to catch you guys up on all the amazing things I've been doing. Don't get too excited. No, really. Settle down.

I've been hanging out with (cue dramatic suspenseful music) FRESHMEN. This year's freshman class really surprised me. Typically, freshmen get on my nerves. The girls are still trapped in high school, and the boys tolerate it because they don't even realize they can survive without all the girly drama. Usually there are a few freshmen I'll get along with, and I wait for the rest to grow the heck up. Not this year, though. Some of these frosh are awesome kids.

I've been spending lots of time playing in the woods. I have a friend (one of those freshies) that likes to run and play as much as I do, so we play in the nature preserve at Catawba. We play tag, and chase each other around, and explore. I hardly ever watch TV anymore, and I've even been dropping weight because of all the exercise!

I've also been spending lots of time putting out feelers for cool new music. My friends and I are sharing lots of sweet tracks among ourselves, and I read Seizure Chicken like it's my job. I've found some cool interesting stuff. When I get around to it, I'll type up the playlist and let you guys see what makes my ears happy. Don't get worked up about it though. It could happen this morning, it could happen next year, I could just forget and listen to it without you guys.

I tried to write poetry. So far people seem to be enjoying them, so I'm going to submit them to the school's "literary magazine," the Arrowhead. I'll let you guys know if they get published!

So...yeah. That's my life for the ENTIRE MONTH that I forgot I had a blog.

Good catching up with you, Internet.

September 4, 2011

Sorry, no dice.

Actually, that's a lie. There are totally dice. I bought them today, actually. They're shiny, pink and freaking awesome. Here's a picture:

Natural 20. I actually didn't plan that.
I bought dice because I've been playing D&D lately. If you aren't familiar with the game, there's a great introduction at Do A Spot Check.

On nights when I'm not rolling dice or working, I find other fun stuff to do. We spent a night recently playing Hide and Seek, Sardines and Ninja in the only 24-hour building on campus. It was intense! At one point, everyone abandoned the game and roamed the hallways hiding from each other. It was EPIC. Interestingly enough, there are "orbs" in several of the pictures. I can't claim paranormal evidence, though, because we didn't notice them when we were taking the pictures, so we didn't make any real attempt to debunk them. They're still great pictures though! Most of them need some serious redeye removal, I don't have Photoshop on this computer, and Picnik keeps making Ryan look like he's wearing blue eyeshadow, so the vast majority of these will fall into the "someday I'll fix and post these" category.

Pre-game photo op!

Which is creepier, the orb or Ryan?

This is what a game of Ninja is supposed to look like.

Not sure if they're bowing, or playing whiplash...

Ryan and Megan are too cute!
So yeah, that's what I do when I'm not in class, or at work, or asleep, or practicing music. One of these days I'll post about music, and my latest musical endeavors, but it's nearly 1AM, and I don't love you guys enough to stay awake and post again.

Sleep tight, Internet.